🔥This Week Get Rune Coin, ETH and watch her cousins ETC & ENS

 Coin you should look into

🔥This Week Get  *Rune *ETH*  and watch her cousins ETC and ENS

In 5 years, 1 Ethereum Classic will be worth close to $235, according to some ETC price predictions for 2026.

There are more Ethereum Classic price predictions for 2025, which are also positive, often putting ETC's price above $150

*ENS* is an Ethereum token that governs the Ethereum Name Service, a protocol for human-readable crypto addresses and decentralized domain names

Like Puma.ETH etc
You can shorten your wallet addresses with this coin company. Pretty cool stuff but the coin is not doing as well as his brothers but with crypto, anything can happen🤷‍♀️

1 ETC was $34 and Jumped to $48 in 24hrs

1 ENS was $14 now $18

Ethereum Name Service price today is $18.14 with a 24-hour trading volume of $157,847,092. ENS price is up 10.3% in the last 24 hours

ENS in 2022 will stretch from 18-24$,  could reach $26.80 a year after that and $38.19 in 2024. In 2025, the coin could hit $53.90, the site says, before it reaches $79.85 in 2026

BTW the 2, get 1 of each and just leave it there and some of ETH weekly

Don't have money to buy yet. Put it on your watch list

Remember ETH was once $14 then $700 then $4000 now $2900

Look to the future not now

Have a great day
Lindodo 007


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